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"Living my dream making this world Magical with technology."

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IT Architecture

I had opportunities to work as a software architect among a variety of eclectic IT systems. From mainframe migration to SOA deployments passing by iOS/Android mobile app developments, my past experiences now help me to successfully drive technical and architectural choices.

Product design

My phylosophy is that graphical design should always serve user experience. I always focus on modern trends and keep ergonomical guidelines in mind. I learned to balance precautiously "User eXperience" and "User Interface" to strongly favorise adoption among targeted users.

Project management

I manage teams and projects on a daily bases. Among my experiences, I had the chance to discover and learn Lean, Scrum and other "Agile" methodologies. My experiences as a teacher also help me a lot to share my knownledges and prepare future leaders.

A few words about my background..

Fascinated by networks, open source, artificial intelligence and IoT, I express myself day after day through computer science by creating, sharing, discovering and learning new technologies.

In ten years, I have been software developer then software architect then entrepreneur in Lille, France.

As an entrepreneur...

In 2011, I founded and then sold my first company "Eenox" two years later. In 2013, I co-founded Jooxter, I am Jooxter's CTO since then.

As open source project creator

In 2007, I created the "KontrolPack" open source project which has been downloaded more than 100 000 times and is still integrated in Ubuntu, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

In 2009, I created a second open source project "FeelHome". I learned marketing techniques and created sufficient buzz on Tech medias such as LifeHacker or MacLife resulting in thousands of downloads each week.

As a freelancer

I help companies migrating or building their IT or mobile based architecture as a freelancer and counselor.

As a teacher

I also teach Artificial Intelligence and J2EE technologies in several French universities.

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responsive devices

I drive product forward

I can help from conceptual mockups, design phases, architectural choices to development and scalable deployments.

  • User Centric Design

    I take advantage of common design patterns, allowing for a seamless experience for users of all levels.

  • Universal & Responsive apps

    Universal is key in today's world. Mobiles and wearables.

  • Clean reusable code

    Re-use source code or deliverables for any other project you like.

responsive devices

Contact me

" Designing and building scalable product is what I did for the last 10 years. "

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to share your future project with me.

Thomas Thelliez : thomas.thelliez (at) eenox.me.

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Some of my happy customers

  • "The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art."

    John Lasseter.

  • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic."

    Sir Arthur C. Clarke.

  • "Technology is teaching us to be human again."

    Simon Mainwaring.