Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Leader
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Fascinated by innovation and sustainability, I work on creative digital projects.

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Creativity is intelligence
having fun.

- Einstein


This website showcases my side projects & entrepreneurial experiences only.
For my full resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile below.

Open source project creator

In 2007, I created the "KontrolPack" open source project with over 400 000 downloads and was integrated in Ubuntu, Gentoo and Arch Linux. I managed contributors from all over the world on a weekly basis. Read the AddictiveTips or Ghacks articles to learn more.

In 2009, I created a second open source project "FeelHome". I used marketing techniques to generate buzz on Tech media outlets like LifeHacker or MacGeneration resulting in thousands of downloads per week.


In 2013, I co-founded Jooxter, a company that specializes in optimizing workspace occupancy. We built a Saas platform (mobile & web) analyzing occupancy rates of large buildings using an innovative technology based on IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning (AI). After two years of bootstrapping, we raised 1 Million Euros to expand our sales effort in Europe (Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Italy, etc).

Find out more from the articles below (French).


I helped companies to migrate or build build their IT or mobile based architecture as a software architect, and digital transformation expert.


I also taught Artificial Intelligence, Python and Java technologies in several French universities.

Technologies I enjoy working with ?

AI & Data

In the past, I worked on convolutional neural networks (deep learning) as well as LSTM models. I have also taken over the position of Head of Data for a large retail organization with millions of customers worldwide for a few years, managing Data teams internationally.

Web & Mobile

Throughout my career, I have designed and developed web and mobile applications. I have held various positions, including software engineer, enterprise architect, and CTO, multiple times.


As the CTO of Jooxter, I worked with connected objects from the design and prototyping phase until maintenance operation in production.

Blockchain & 3D

I worked with 3D in several side projects. I also developed a smart contract for NFTs (Ethereum platform).

Key skills for making successful projects!


Clear and consistent communication helps to prevent misunderstandings, reduce risks, and foster collaboration and teamwork, enabling project teams to work together more effectively and deliver better results.


An effective Management ensures that a project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards, by providing leadership, guidance, and support to the project team.


A clear and compelling vision is crucial for ensuring that everyone involved in a project understands its purpose, goals, and potential impact, and is motivated to work towards achieving them.

Meet my last
side project


PIXELIXE is a creative automation platform.

Thousands of users use Pixelixe.com to automate their marketing generating visuals in bulk.
Our platform has:

  • Thousands of active users each month.
  • Millions of graphics created to date.
  • APIs available for white-label integration in other websites.

PIXELIXE has been a profitable project from the first week I launched it in 2018. SEO is the only acquisition channel used so far.

Watch PIXELIXE in action

How to offset PIXELIXE's carbon footprint?

Users Annually


(Consumption of an average U.S. household in 8.2 days)


will plant 2X the minimum required to offset
its carbon footprints.

Carbon Offset
(25 years)
Climate Positive

My side projects timeline

KontrolPack LAUNCH

I began developing KontrolPack in my spare time as a student. The project grew rapidly, and I found myself managing contributors from Poland, Spain, and the US. It became a major success and was integrated into several popular Linux distributions.


I enjoyed and learned so much from building KontrolPack that I wanted to repeat the experience by launching a new product. FeelHome allowed me to strengthen my skills in product development and team management. I was able to launch this second project twice as fast as the first one. Experience is key.


Jooxter LAUNCH

After successfully launching two side projects, it was time to start my own venture (a dream of mine). The challenge was to find the right product-market fit and a business model in a niche project.

Pixelixe LAUNCH

In 2018, I launched Pixelixe, a creative automation platform, as a bootstrapped side project. I primarily dedicated my evenings, weekends, and holidays to working on this venture.


FoodTech Founders LAUNCH

In 2023, I founded a startup studio focusing on FoodTech and Impact with 2 entrepreneurs. We already launched amazing startups such as Choukran & Beans. More projects to come soon.